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    Flooring for Your Bedroom

    Reasons to use wood floors in Your Bedroom

    Wood floor lovers in most cases still opt for carpet in their bedrooms preferring that soft feel underneath their feet. Having looked at the many real benefits of having wood floors in your bedroom you may reconsider this. Rugs used with wood floors are a great alternative to carpet, adding warmth and softness in the bedroom. Rugs can be taken from a floor and cleaned from top to bottom. Rugs come in eco-friendly fibres including wool, silk, jute and cotton.

    Better for Allergy Sufferers

    Dust mites, mould spores and pet dander, all of which can be inhaled can be blown in to your bedroom air every time you turn on your vacuum cleaner. Cleaning a wood floor involves a damp mop that can remove all these allergens from a floor. If you or any family members have allergies or are sensitive to dust or dust mites, your doctor will agree that wood flooring is the best option for your bedroom.

    Provides Better Air Quality

    Remember that smell from your new carpet? That smell is chemical off-gassing, an eye and respiratory-tract irritant that can also affect your central nervous system. Adhesives used the installation of carpets contains harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Carpets can emit VOC’s for five years or more after they have been installed. Benzene, a chemical used in carpet adhesive has strong links to leukaemia. Styrene which is used in most carpet backing is associated with hearing loss and other conditions including cognitive impairment.

    Wood Floors are an Eco-Friendly Option

    2% of our landfills are filled with used carpets. Eco-friendly wood floors are manufactured using renewable natural resources. Wood flooring can last for many decades and can be recycled.